6x10 Small Enclosed Cargo Trailer NJ

 6x10 Enclosed Cargo Trailer & V-Nose Trailers
6x10 Enclosed Cargo Trailer NJ
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 Chrome Corners,  Opening 67' 3/4H x 61" Width,   Clearance Lighting,   Rear Ramp Door, 
 Roof Vent,                                                     Licence Plate holder w/ screws                                   
 98" Total Height                                            Chrome Corners,
 6' Inside Height                                             Clearance Lighting,   
 GVWR 3000lbs  Trailer Weight 1040lbs        Rear Ramp Door & Side Door
 2" Ball needed to tow Floor                           Roof Vent 


  Floor Crossmembers every 12"                                                                             
3/8 Plywood walls, 3/4 Plywood Floor         
  Door Opening 67" 3/4H x 61" Width         
  Extended Ramp 16" Flap                       
  License Plate Holder w/ screws
  We have twice the support !  Floor Crossmemebers every 12 inches !

                                                             What's the differance in our 6x10 trailer
OUR Trailer has :                                                                                                                     Other Dealers
1. Upgrade: Ramp Door. .................
2. Upgrade: Side door .........................                                                                Some Other dealer's have no side door
3. Upgrade: 3/8 plywood walls. .....                                                                      Not OSB Plywood
4. Upgrade: Dome Light inside with a wall switch                                                 Other Dealers No light Inside
5. Upgrade: Roof Vent ...........                                                                               Other Dealers No Vent
6. Upgrade: V-Nose 16" additional inches plus your 8'                                         Some othe dealers include the V-Nose in the length
7. Upgrade: 15" Tires,                                                                                           Not 13" OR 14"
8. 3000lbs axle, Total GVWR 2990 Lbs               
9. Upgrade: Floor Cross members every 12"                                                         4 Supports Instead of the 8 Supports we give.
                                                                                                                                   "Thats the frame under the plywood floor."
10. Rear Stablizer Jacks
        Inside dimensions  5'8"W x 10'L