About Cargo Trailer NJ

Our goal at Cargo Trailer NJ.  Is to provide you with a trailer that Cargo Trailer NJ made better. Our CEO did not like
shopping for a trailer it was dreadful. Now Cargo Trailer NJ sell's trailers and that how it came to be. Cargo Trailer NJ  will be covering a wide range. Some pertaining to a trailer your looking for, and some pertaining to other size trailers.
     At the manufacture the 4 wide's & 5 wides Everything is not standard. Everything is an extra charge. Example side door.
                                                                           Example plywood walls.
                                           6 wide's a few things are not standard. Example 12oc floors.
                                           7 wide's a few things are not standard. Example Bar Locks, Steel used.
    Cargo Trailer NJ had been there. Over 32 years Cargo Trailer NJ had used trailers. Cargo Trailer NJ does not want
    3/4 plywood floors flexing in the middle. It will be buckling soon. I'm sure many of you experienced this before.
                                 Cargo Trailer NJ has each trailer made specifically for Cargo Trailer NJ.
    We have standard 12oc floors  " means every 12" you have a cross member under the plywood floor "                          
    Now Cargo Trailer NJ didn't need to go to the extreme and do every trailer with 12oc floors, but it's worth the extra dollars.
                  4 wide's are exempt because they carry very little weight.
                  Each side door is set in a specific place. Why? you want to build a shelf? Most people do. Drive all the way out somewhere
                  and find out you have 12" to build a shelf. Or better yet get home and find out later. We have also started putting 3 hinges on
                  ramp doors that only require two. If one just happen to break your out of service. Our 5 wide you could never compare to
                  anyone over $600 in options. You can run out and try to find the cheapest trailer you possibly can. Just remember I can too.
                  I can't revel everything. We stock many trailers and enjoy that the customer has a selection to pick from.

    Most of our larger trailers a flat fronts the reason is most people are using them for work, and hobby's.
         If your putting something in your the back of truck or van like a piece of plywood the V-Nose tends
         to be in the way. Most people shopping for a trailer do not realize that. Do you save fuel? It's not measurable
         since its directly behind the tow vehicle. My opinion I hate trying to put something in the V-Nose it never fits
         right. On the other hand if your buying a 4x6, 5x8, 5x10 you gain a lot of space It could total 25% of the trailers box.