About Cargo Trailer NJ

                   About Cargo Trailer NJ       Committed to our customers!
                         We are open 8am to 8pm Everyday 7 Days a week for our customers.     
                         No need to worry if were open. When you start your drive here we are open.
                         We are committed, and want your business.
                         We also answer the phone. If we are on the phone. Your call will be returned when we finish
                         with the customer we are with. A few minutes awaits you! With caller ID your call will be returned
                         even if you don't leave a message. We also answer the phone after hours !
                         Cargo Trailer NJ is committed to this Practice.
                              If you need an after hours appointment let us know. Just call Cargo Trailer NJ Phone is (908) 868-8203
                         We want you to have a good experience, and have a large selection of trailers to see.

                         Cargo Trailer NJ made a page for in stock trailers. That way you know the trailer you want is here.
                                           It's that simple!  In Stock Trailers & Prices

                         Cargo Trailer NJ listed the prices no hidden charges the price you see is the price you pay.
                         If a trailer has D-Rings a charge of $35 each D-Ring is added to the price. 
                         Your Responsible to pay your Tax, Registration, and plates to DMV. 

                         Cargo Trailer NJ took it a step further. 100% of our trailers are 12oc Floor Cross Members unless
                         listed otherwise on our "in stock trailers page"  In Stock Trailers & Prices Floor Cross Members have never not
                         held up to expectations. Simply enough, It's the area with no support. That would warp, bow or flex. With our
                         12oc that is the answer to give the entire floor enough support. Ever wonder what would happen if one hinge
                         on the small ramp door broke. Your out of work. We put three hinges on. Triple tube tongue is also an option
                         here. We also offer an extended tongue on trailers. Built Tough.

                         Cargo Trailer NJ added a map to our home page. All you need to do is put your address in to see how close
                         we are. We are a minute away from GSP Parkway, Rt 95, Rt 78, Rt 22, Rt 1, Rt 278, Rt 287, & New Jersey
                         Turnpike, 5 Miles from Gothel's Bridge in Staten Island.
                         On all GPS Search Cargo Trailer NJ  in  Apple GPS,   Tom Tom,   Garmin GPS,   MapQuest,   Google Maps
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                         Great Look outside and even better inside.   
                         Cargo Trailer NJ took the cargo trailer and made it better than anyone else. 
                         Cargo Trailer NJ put special features in our cargo trailers.  After 30 years of seeing
                         and servicing trailers. 
                         Cargo Trailer NJ improved the trailer.
                         Not just improved but, Added more to our trailer. Features that will help you not have down time.
                         Stop by and see why. Sorry, This information will not be disclosed on the phone.

                                                                                               Best built cargo trailer on the market

We do work for CentraState Medical Center                            

Verified local business