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Our trailer have a larger frame, more cross members under the floor. Twice as many.
Because WE make them that way. More Standard options added !
All of our trailers are made bigger and better. If your paying $300 to $400. More for a trailer. Why would buy another trailer to save $300.00  When you pay more here your money is going towards the structure. It's actually the same price. I made this trailer for you our customer.
Stop by and see there are many more changes that make us a step above the rest.

              OUR   7x12                                                                    Their   6x12
                                                                                                                             Look at this frame dealer is selling.
 Not to mention when you walk around inside the plywood floor will flex just from the weight of a 200lb man.  That's disturbing to me.  We don't sell trailers with such low standards. 


                                                                                    Our 6x10
 I could post all the trailers in the area of NJ. Cargo Trailer NJ has the best frame.